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Carmine Magazine
An online magazine run by artists, for artists
13th-Feb-2009 09:23 am - Happy early Heart Day!

Lovebirds in love, aaaaaaaaaawwwweeee!
A day early but whatevs ;)
4th-Dec-2008 02:57 pm - Art News 12-04-08

  • Nubby Twiglet made a wonderful post full of Graphic Design Resources.
  • Fawn Gehweiler made a post recently titled Cute Clutter vs. Creative Chaos where she shows images from other artist's workspaces and homes.
  • Do art schools care about your GPA?

    Read the rest of the art news here on CarmineMag.com. It features a free shipping code from Blurb, a video of Salvador Dali poking a bit of fun at game shop guests and an article from New York Times talking about the death of starving artists (and the birth of the gainfully self-employed one!).
  • 4th-Dec-2008 02:50 pm - Open Posting
    I've opened up the posting in this community. I encourage you all to make quick posts showcasing your artwork. I will still be updating with news from CarmineMag.com.

    Please do not spam this community. Share a max of three images of your work a month, preferably in one post. This will keep the community from being flooded with work on a daily basis.

    Feel free to discuss posts that have been made on CarmineMag.com, that is what this community is for in the first place. Feel free to make text only posts asking questions about art techniques, products that you would like to hear people's thoughts on, do reviews of products you love and recommend artists that we can feature on the official site!

    I'll write a more detailed set of rules soon, but this should work as a guideline.

    If I start seeing this community being spammed, misused, or that it starts filling with offensive posts I will close posting access and we will revert back to only having me post things. You have been warned.

    Thank you,
    Jami Lee Rosa

    I just changed the layout on CarmineMag.com (and then on here and myspace as well, twitter comes next!). I've thought for months now that the last layout was a little overbearing and stuffy. This one is much lighter, happier, more open and not as restrictive as the last layout. (Plus part of the last layout broke and I had no way to fix it!)
    Please check out the layout redesign and let me know what you think, if there is anything broken, etc. This will make posting site updates and articles much easier on me (since I won't have to make a picture introduction for the posts). I'm going to try to start putting pictures from Flickr into the article posts, related pictures, I'm just working out exactly how that will happen. Stay tuned!
    The Recent PostsCollapse )

    Thank you for reading. If you know of any artists that would like to be interviewed (or if you would like to be) please contact me! I don't bite. :)
    Jami Lee Rosa
    26th-Nov-2008 05:38 pm - Guest Post & New Interview
    Carmine Magazine
    Guest Post: "The Perfect Art Fan"
    by Norm Lanier

    If you make art just for yourself (absolutely nothing wrong with that) – and you don’t care what other people think about it - and you don’t care about making money with your art - then this article is not for you.

    Seriously, stop reading and go find some other interesting article on this site to read because I’m not talking to you.

    OK if you’re still here I’m going to assume that you actually like it when people appreciate your art and if you can make a few bucks at it, even the better.

    Read more here.

    Carmine Magazine: What drives you to create? Also, what inspires you and your work?
    Mark Andrew Webber: I have been thinking about this quite a bit recently, and it just seems like the enjoyment of creating a piece is what drives me, the feeling with a lot of my work that it is going to take a long time to complete with the knowledge of that feeling I get when I am about to complete a piece that I have been doing for so long, like the amsterdam piece for example, without the design time included so just the carving time, it took me 100+ hours in 7 days… once I get working on a piece, I like to do it in one go with not too many breaks.
    I like trying to create images that I have not seen too much before! Which is why I seem to enjoy doing drawings that I do not design so much before I put pen to paper, but ones that seem to come into existence, which is why I enjoy the line drawings, and why I have also then started doing them on canvas and in color.
    Travel has to be the thing that inspires me the most, There are so many images/experiences and new types of people that I have never met. Like when I was in Australia for 5 months doing conservation work with Conservation Volunteers Australia, I had an amazing time, and met lots of people from all over the world that had gotten together to live and work, in different parts of australia. Then I went to to have even more experiences as I went to live with a friend I had made who lived near seattle, and visited a high school for a month. When I arrived home I produced a lot of work, it seemed like there was no end to the number of works I could make, though I did not really create anything significant, it was still me searching for the types of works I enjoyed creating the most. So it was great! I have since been on various trips. Argentina, East cost of the USA, Paris, India, Netherlands. And have seen the effects that these trips have had on my works.

    CM: Were you formally trained in art or self taught? Do you think it has helped you or hindered you?
    MAW: Though I have kind of be formally trained by doing some life drawing at college, I would say that due to the fact I had been studying Graphic Design in College for 6 years, I did not learn much from that about techniques, I just did what I did in my free time. Its been my life, my artworks has always been my Hobby, which I have now made my life, it’s what I do 24/7.

    Read the rest of the interview here.

    To all of my American readers, have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow! To all of my readers elsewhere, have a great Thursday! :) CarmineMag should be back to posting on Friday.
    26th-Nov-2008 05:30 pm - Holiday Gift Guide -- Women
    Carmine Magazine

    With Black Friday sneaking up on us again this year it felt right to put together a few gift guides here on CarmineMag.com. Without further adieu, here is the second gift guide for the women on your list (or yourself):

    See It At: Modofly.net
    Description: Noah Scalin of Skull-A-Day fame caught our eye with this fantastic skull wallpaper. Well of course, we had to contact him and we were fortunate enough to be able to provide this sweet book for you. We think that this HAD to have been the wallpaper that pirates had in their houses. We would, if we were pirates.

    Check out the rest of the post here.
    23rd-Nov-2008 12:28 pm - Holiday Gift Guide -- Guys

    With Black Friday sneaking up on us again this year it felt right to put together a few gift guides here on CarmineMag.com. Without further adieu, here is the first gift guide for the guys on your list (or yourself):

    Item Name: Hidden Bookshelf
    See It At: ThinkGeek.com
    Description: The hidden bookshelf is an L-shaped wedge of metal holds your books up against the wall while a tiny clip holds the inside cover of the book up, giving your larger books the illusion of sticking to the wall as if by magic!

    To check out the rest of the gift guide here
    20th-Nov-2008 11:17 am - Lots of updates
    I've made quite a few posts this month. Sorry I haven't been keeping this community updated about them though. :)

    Fighting the Creator's Block Monster a post where I give tips on fighting creator's block. Look for more posts like this in the future.
    Featured Artist: Elizabeth McGrath her work is amazing, a mix of taxidermy and whimsy.
    Art News 11-11-2008 with news about Audrey Kawasaki's latest group show and Dr. Sketchy's looking for helper monkeys.
    Red Nails; Wrong City interview, her photography is lovely. I adore the picture of the cracked mannequin.
    Coilhouse Magazine -- 45 issues left! A write up I did to alert everyone to the fact that Coilhouse is quickly running out of their premier issue, I also posted links to some of my favorite Coilhouse articles from the past year.
    Li Xiaofeng a quick thing about artist Li Xiaofeng who creates dresses, which are wearable, from old cups, saucers and other porcelain dishes.
    Modofly I stumbled across this amazing web store where you can purchase Moleskine notebooks that have had art from some incredible artists laser etched onto their covers.
    Katelan Foisy an interview with this collage artist about her beautiful works.
    Ellara Woodlock interview that is long overdue. (It got lost in my inbox several months ago. I am so sorry clockmilk!)
    4th-Nov-2008 03:19 pm - Updates!
    Pink Peacock
    I got a few new things posted over at CarmineMag.com in the last week or so.

    Dr. Sketchy's New York with Molly Crabapple interview, this is from the addmyartjournal days.

    Julia Guzman (pinkjunkfood) interview, finally got this one posted. It turned out great.

    I've spent my day today worrying about the election writing an article about getting over Creater's Block (Writer's Block). You can check that out here. (Yes, I did spell creater's wrong in the url, I just noticed it while I was posting this. I changed it everywhere I could, but the URL couldn't be changed.)
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